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Login to Datastore and administer account


SSO function is broken on our website! If you want to add/map aircraft or make other change requests, please contact us on our Discord server!

Registering with swift Datastore

In order to submit Change Requests(CR) for airlines, aircraft types and airline liveries you need to be registered with swift Datastore.

  • for members of this is rather simple: just use VATSIM's Single Sign On (SSO) to connect swift Datastore to your VATSIM account. Once you have successfully logged in through VATSIM SSO, you are registered and you will be able to submit Change Requests
  • if you are not a member of VATSIM, then please join us on Discord and request an account with one of our administrators

Suggestion: after logging in to swift Datastore you can amend your account with your e-mail address and with a custom password for swift Datastore operations

  • Username: keep the suggested name, it should be the same as your registered name at VATSIM
  • Email: choose an e-mail address that you will always be able to access, as we will send password reset instructions and program notifications to this one
  • DB password: the password that you define here can be used in swiftGUI, swiftDATA and on the website of swift Datastore to login to the Datastore, in case that you prefer this over using your VATSIM network password.


To login to swift Datastore you can use your VATSIM ID number instead of your username.