Deactivate plugins with xOrganizer

As we have learned, X-Plane plugins that deal with injecting CSL models into the simulator will clash with each other. Only one such plugin may be installed or activated at a time to avoid conflicts and erroneous rendering of CSL models.

For Windows users one reliable way of achieving this is using a program called xOrganizer. It can do the job, because it actually renames plugins (.xpl-files) when you deactivate them, so they become "invisible" to X-Plane. This stops X-Plane from initializing deactivated plugins at startup. The default plugin manager of X-Plane does not prevent this from happening, it is not sufficient to truly switch off such plugins.

If you use several plugins for CSL model injection, xOrganizer may be a comfortable solution to switch between them.

xswiftbus ON, X-IvAp OFF xswiftbus OFF, X-IvAp ON

xOrganizer comes in two versions:

  • legacy freeware v1.3.0.0 (abandoned): (source)
  • actively maintained payware v2.x: xOrganizer homepage (cost about 12.50 USD)


xOrganizer is a 3rd party software and not related to swift. Using it is only a suggestion and if you like the freeware version of it, you may want to consider buying the current version to support further development.