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Aircraft parts and gnd. flag / ground flag

Aircraft parts are used to transfer aircraft information about "gear", "spoilers", "flaps", "lights". They also transfer a GND flag to tell if the aircraft is located on ground. VATSIM uses the parts ground flag.

Ground. flag / gnd. flag

In the FSD protocol and the related extensions there are 2 ways to transfer a ground flag. swift supports both:

  • along with the aircraft parts (VATSIM)
  • and as flag in the aircraft position

How should it be set?

  • on VATSIM you will see the parts flag for clients supporting parts, e.g. vPilot and swift.
  • on VATSIM the GND flag for PARTS is supported, the "other GND flag" not.
  • For other servers it depends on the server settings if GND and PARTS are enabled
  • You could even enable the GND flag for an individual aircraft. Never do this unless you know what you are doing!

  • Leave the ground flag and fast position settings alone unless you know what you are doing.

Model view

You can check the GND and PARTS in the model view.