FS9 elevation (FS9 aircraft too high/low)

Issue: FS9 is a legacy simulator platform and has no ground elevation probe and also no "ground flag" for multiplayer aircraft.

The solution is to use your own aircraft's elevation as field elevation. In order to use it, you will have to to enable this option.

You can only do this when FS9 is running and connected to swiftGUI (multiplayer session):

  • in swiftGUI select the Settings Widget
  • click on Simulator
  • set a checkmark in the box next to Record gnd.pos. and fill in a figure, in this example 250 (no unit required), then apply
  • only when you shutdown swiftGUI it will ask you to save or discard changes to your FS9 settings

In this example you would use your ground elevation within a radius of 250 meters (about 250 yards).