Model matching - reporting issues

If you are unhappy with a matching result it is possible to investigate what is going on. But please understand that model matching depends on many factors

  • your model set
  • the login data of the other party
  • your model matching settings

So we have seen many cases where fantasy ICAO codes are used, or user login under mismatching credentials (like using DLH123 as callsign, but login as BAW)

To investigate of what is going on we need a matching log. swift can show en detail what happens during matching we need a matching log

Only this will tell us what has happend. Discussions without a log are NOT productive.

Some hints:

  • If you are just unhappy with a matching during a flight just change it manually, see this page
  • You can add more models to your set to cover more cases. But just adding models is pointless, you have to add models missing. Use the statistics to see your coverage.
  • Validate your model set to see if there are issues, see this page and this page