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Submit Airline Logo Icons

swift can display airline logo icons in its menus. Although optional, it's a nice eye-catcher.

If you wish to add missing icons please follow these rules:

Image Format

  • use a 4:1 ratio, such as 300:75px
  • maximum size 300:75px (see hint about hires below)
  • use png format

File Naming Conventions

  • 5-digit airline ID + airline ICAO code (for Virtual Airlines also use their 3-letter ICAO code)
  • you can research both the ID and the code in our swift Datastore
  • example: you want to submit a new logo for "Lufthansa"
  • in swift Datastore search in the field ''Name'' for "Lufthansa"
  • result: ID = 3221 and ICAO Code "DLH". Don't forget to add a leading zero to the airline ID to make it a 5-digit number!
  • correct airline logo file name to submit: 03221_DLH.png

  • we may use higher resolutions in the future, therefore you can also add a hires version like 1024:205 pixel. Such icons have to labelled additionally with hi => 03221_DLH.hi.png

  • dark optimized icons (for a black background) will be using .do in their name =>

  • Valid file names: 03221_DLH.png* lowres version (approx 300:75) lowres version, dark optimized (approx 300:75) 03221_DLH.hi.png hires version * hires version, dark optimized

  • if an airline or virtual airline is not listed in swift Datastore, request to add the airline. More information here.


DO NOT use copyright protected icons! Check Wikipedia, they will show you the copyright for each icon.