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Terrain Probe

For the 32bit FSX/P3D driver it is recommended to install the FSX terrain probe. The probe allows swift to query simulator data around your AI aircraft.


If you are not using FSX or P3D v1 to v3, then you will not need this addon


FSX or P3D must be shutdown completely before** you can install the Terrain Probe

There are 3 ways to install the probe

  • Installation through the Configuration Wizard

    • First click on the blue tab Install FSX terrain probe

    • Then check

    • Simulator: correct flight simulator platform selected?
    • Target ("SimObjects") dir.: make sure that the SimObjects directory is selected, nothing else, e.g. YourDrive:\\P3D\SimObjects\
    • now click on copy at the end of the Source Directory line - this will copy the Terrain Probe to the correct directory
  • Installation through swiftGUI

    • select Settings => Simulator

    • next to the flight simulator platform that you want to install the Terrain Probe for, click on ... to open a Plugin Configuration window

    • change to the settings tab of this window

    • at the bottom of the window activate Use terrain probe (32bit only)
    • click on copy terrain probe

  • Manual Installation:

    • locate Terrain Probe in your swift program directory in share\simulator\: YourDrive:\YourPath\swift-x.x.x-32bit\share\simulator\swiftTerrainProbe\
    • copy it manually to the SimObjects\Misc\ directory of FSX/P3D: YourDrive:\P3D\SimObjects\Misc\swiftTerrainProbe\

Testing the probe

You can test the terrain probe for correct installation.

In swiftGUI select the Log Widget. At the bottom of this page you should see the confirmation that the probe has been added

You can also run a full test

  • type .drv intdisplay in swiftGUI's command-line, this will open the Interpolation Display (works only when swift is connected to a flight simulator)
  • select the Elevation tab
  • select own aircraft which should set the coordinates of your own aircraft
  • click set
  • you should now see a response (2nd line) displaying the ground elevation (supposed to be your own aircraft's elevation - CG)