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Bootstrap file

The bootstrap file contains fundamental setup information for swift. Without this data swift cannot work properly. Normally the data is loaded/updated from the internet each time swift starts. In case that no connection can be established when starting up swift, cached data is used.

The bootstrap resolution screen

If the bootstrap file cannot be loaded, a resolution screen is displayed. Possible reasons why bootstrap file loading might fail are:

  • typo in the URL
  • swift servers are down (please understand we keep copies of the file at multiple locations)
  • network problem on user's side
  • if the bootstrap file has been loaded before the locally stored (cached) version is used
  • if the user provides an explicit URL (command line) only this URL is used

Options to resolve the problems

  • ignore the bootstrap URL and hence use the cached data (requires at least one successful load before that)
  • use the local file copy (from the swift installer)
  • use the cache file of another swift installation